Feb 25, 2015

Windows PC HDMI audio and Elgato Game Capture HD

Elgato Game Capture HD can be used to capture the output of many Windows PCs, via HDMI.

The following instructions will help you make sure that the audio from your PC can be picked up both by Elgato Game Capture HD, and your PC's speakers.

Windows 7 or Windows 8 Setup

1) Open the Control Panel

2) Select Sound

3) Choose the Playback tab

4) Highlight your Speakers


5) Choose Set Default


6) Choose the Recording tab

7) Right click, and then select Show Disabled Devices

8) Look for a recording device named Stereo Mix or Mono Mix


9) Right click on the Stereo Mix or Mono Mix device, and choose Enable

10) Highlight this new device

11) Choose Set Default

12) Double click on your Stereo Mix or Mono Mix device

13) Choose the Listen tab


14) Check Listen to this device



15) Choose the HDMI Output from the drop down menu.



16) Click the Apply button

17) Click the OK button

Other Solutions for Audio Sharing

There are a few other solutions for sharing audio between applications in Windows.

Jack can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves.


Virtual Audio Cable software allows you to transfer audio (wave) streams between applications and/or devices.


Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Mixer